Welcome to Watermelon

More than just fruit

With Watermelon fit likeminded colleagues with the ambition to get the best performance out of themselves and their role. Do you have adaptability, are you result-driven and do you have a passion for tech? Good news, you can already tick off some boxes! Do you also like working at a fast growing startup where collaboration is essential? Then you really could be a Melon... Keep on reading to find out: ARE YOU READY TO BECOME A MELON?🍉

Work at Watermelon

not just salary

  • Performance management cycle
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Innovative and fast paced
  • Ambitious goals and challenges
  • Close team with an open culture
  • Personal development first
  • Bonus for every team
  • Inclusive holidays
  • Fun events to celebrate performance

Our values


Simply focus on results

'A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline'. We're straightforward, keep it simple and stay focused.


Think and act like an entrepreneur

Autonomous and accountable. Voraciously synergetic. These are the qualities of entrepreneurs, as they are of our Melons.


Don't take yourself too seriously

Laughter is contagious. Mistakes are human. Supportive teammates are a crucial foundation for growth.


Listen, and ask questions

No bullshit. Direct, constructive communication is of the utmost importance. Immerse yourself, support your point of view with evidence, listen to others, speak your mind, and show respect for opinions and ideas that aren't your own.


Treat the customer like your best friend

Honesty, trust, and respect - that's what friends are for. Your success is theirs, and you want the best for each other!




Europalaan 400, Utrecht